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Hello Parents!

The Gala Committee is hard at work trying to make this year another fantastic success!

So first things first – MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

April 21st 2018

We want to see all of you there, ready to have some fun and raise some money New Orleans Style!

Next we need your help, because that’s what families do; help each other out. We are looking for some great options for the gala, some will be easy to get. Others will need a little extra kick to get us something special.

But here’s the thing, all donated items to the gala are tax deductible and profits go straight back to St. Theresa’s, so it’s a win/win!

So ask yourself, what do I do or have access to?? Why not share it??

  • Do you teach piano, swimming, tennis, cooking or other sports? Consider donating a lesson or two
  • Photography, art, drawing keep you busy in your spare time? Donate an original piece!
  • Good with a hammer, drill or an all-around handy person for a household? Car detailing? A green thumb in the garden or a donation of a few rooms of house painting? Who doesn’t have a list of home projects that would love some of those skills on a Saturday?
  • Are your parties the must attend events of the month? Consider your party planning skills in hot demand. Pool parities, princess parties, super hero parties, progressive dinners, wine and cheese parties… the list is endless. Great for adults and kids alike, your passion can help us out
  • Have access to a summer or winter home that makes for a great family or couples vacation? We would love a weekend or even a week to round out a great package for auction.
  • All that work travel has you with more points than you know what to do with? Why not donate those miles to help with airfare?
  • Maybe a few dates on those season tickets for your favorite team that you can’t make? Sports fanatics of all kinds would take those in a heartbeat!

If you have questions or want to discuss in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Meghan McConville ( or 515.556.4835), Stacey Taiber ( or Amy Stevens ( We would love to talk about ANY ideas you might have for a donation!

Class Baskets

The Saint Theresa 2018 Gala & Auction is just around the corner!

This year the Gala will provide our children money for a STEM makerspace.  Every grade will fill a themed basket for the auction.  Each student is asked to bring in one or more inexpensive item(s) for the class basket with the receipt taped to the back of the item for exchanges or possible duplications.

The PTC will be holding a Basket Blitz to get the class baskets filled during the week of February 19th – 23rd.  During that week send the item to school with your child(ren) and they can give it to their teacher.

The grade that obtains the most items in their class basket will get a pizza or ice cream party!

What to expect in the Thursday folder at the beginning of February:

  • You will get the basket idea for your grade (ideas and pictures).
  • Every grade will have a different basket idea.
  • The rally will only be one week long.
  • Come on kids and get those baskets filled!

Any questions please contact Nicki Castellano at

This contest this isn’t until February, but some parents like to shop early and hit the Christmas deals! 

Class Basket Lists