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HyperStream is a STEM club at St. Theresa that is open to all 5th through 8th grade students.

We meet once a week after school.  5/6th grade – Thursday, 3:15-4:30pm with Mrs. McCarthy and 7/8th grade – Monday, 3:15-4:30pm with Ms. Kinney.

It is free and has been funded by the Governor’s STEM Scale-ups, grants and donations. Students learn many tech skills including app development, green screen video editing, robotics, computer game design and cyber defense. Student teams will enter virtual competitions in the spring. These are state wide middle school competitions. St Theresa has been very successful in these competitions the past 2 years. Last year our teams won 10 awards (the most of any school in the state of Iowa) but the real benefit is the tech and collaboration skills we learn.

Please contact Ronda McCarthy if you have any questions via Email or phone at school is (515) 277-0178 ext. 215.

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