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Social Justice Week 2018 Recap

Well Collections: Money raised will go to The Nations, Self-Help International, and Fair Trade.  THANKS TO OUR OF OUR WONDERFUL STCS FAMILIES!!

Special thanks to our speakers:

Rich and Sheri Rosendahl (The Nations)

The Peace and Justice Committee from St. Theresa Church (Fair Trade)

Bette Honeck (Hats for Africa)

Jessica Hernandez (Immigration)

Nora Tobin (Self-Help International)

Kelsey Tyrrell (World Food Prize)

Fr. Kirby (Casa Hogar)

Mr. Gary (art project)

Togo Committee (Togo, Africa sister parish)

Social Justice Week Committee (stories on refugees and water)

Hans Peterson and son Nelson (artist in residence)

Other noteworthy items:

  • Middle schoolers went on a field trip to the World Food Prize building.
  • Primary and Intermediate students, along with STCS cheerleaders, planned and led opening worship each day.
  • Middle schoolers created a CAN-STRUCTION with canned goods donated from STCS families.  The food will be donated to local food pantries.
  • Primary students went on a “pilgrimage” around the school.
  • First graders created gift bags for refugee children.
  • ALL students took part in a “pillowcase project” in which they packed items that they would take if they had to suddenly leave home, in 15 minutes.

Many more incredible moments happened during the week that we have not recorded here!  Ask your child!  

We owe a great deal of thanks to Mrs. Stemler, the office staff, ALL the teachers, and to the parents who helped with so much throughout the week.  We are so pleased that St. Theresa School values this week and continues with the tradition of learning about social justice.

Sincerely, the Social Justice Week Committee