Transitional House welcomes new family

In 2001 our parish began our transitional program for large families at 2828 School Street, Des Moines. We have had the honor of working with over 8 families to support them toward more permanent housing.

So many parishioners have worked on this house through the years, financially and with their time and talent…. Mentoring, doing yard work, cleaning, painting, fixing and making general improvements. It has truly taken the support of the whole parish for this ministry to be successful.

And we like to think that it has been successful! 4 of the 8 families now own their own homes.

Now a new partnership! St. Theresa Social Concerns and Anawim Housing are working together for a mom with her 6 children who have been in our home since April.

Anawim housing mentors families to develop stable homes and strengthened communities since 1987. Anawim under the vision of Sister Stella Neill has become a leader in helping families into affordable housing. Our St. Theresa House Committee will work with Anawim to support families into stable living for their future. To learn more about Anawim please go to:

The House Committee currently is working with Anawim renting our house to a family of 7. St. Theresa receives the rent from Anawim monthly. We are using those funds to maintain the house safely for families. The house committee has addressed priorities to be worked on in the next few years. Driveway repair, water service to street repair, and garage work are the top 3 on the list.

Financial support is needed on an ongoing basis for these updates. To make a donation please use your parish’s First Fruit envelope or call John McMichael at the office. To volunteer to help with projects please contact Celeste Egger 480-8358 or Anne Dols 491-8924.

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