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Melissa Douglas

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St. Theresa has always been home to me. I attended St. Theresa’s growing up and graduated from here.  I have always been a parishioner and attend mass on weekends.  No matter where life takes me or what happens, I seem to always find myself coming back to St. Theresa’s, my home, where my students are, my family, my friends, and  my community.  I don’t see myself teaching anywhere else.

I am finishing up my fourth year here.  I teach 5th grade reading, social studies, and faith formation, as well as 4th grade social studies.  We departmentalize in these grade so I am able to teach where my passion lies- history and social studies.  I enjoy working with kids because they always bring something new to class and their smiles are infectious.  We like to have fun in the classroom, but we are also very engaged in a variety of hands-on projects and activities that bring the past to life.

Teri Durbala

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St. Theresa was a calling for me in my career.  After completing my practicum studies here, I knew this was the place for me to continue my passion of teaching. Being able to make a difference in so many students’ lives by sharing my faith and foster growth has been rewarding for me.  At St. Theresa we provide a safe and loving environment and everyone feels like family.

Welcome to 5th grade, my name is Mrs. Durbala and I am so excited to be part of your child’s learning.  I enjoy spending time with my husband, Tom and daughters, Jessica and Emily.  We like to travel and have made some great memories on our adventures.  I also enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, crafting and reading.  I am originally from NE Iowa and completed my 2nd degree from ISU in teaching, just 5 years ago, so remember you are never too old to do what you really are passionate about.

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