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St. Theresa School Board is an advisory board. It is responsible for all aspects of the formal educational programs in the school.

St. Theresa School Board is made up of 9 elected members plus Father. Any member of the parish, over the age of 18, is eligible to serve on the board. You need not have a child enrolled at St. Theresa School to be a Board member. Each board member serves a term of 3 years. Board members may serve only two consecutive terms. Nominations should be submitted to the parish secretary by the fourth weekend in April. Elections are held annually in May.

The board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. See the school calendar for exact dates. There is no meeting in December or July. The meetings begin at 6pm and are held in the Media Center. All meetings are open to the public unless the Board calls for an executive session.

During each meeting, an open forum time is held when non-board members may informally address the Board briefly. No discussion or action may be taken on the matter at that meeting. To submit a topic to be considered for the agenda, interested people must submit items in writing to the president one week before the next regular meeting. The request should include the exact nature of the issue/concern to be addressed, any supporting materials to be presented, and the amount of time desired.

Diocesen School Board Policies

Board Members

Steve Orazem – President

Sergio Loch – Vice President

Rindy Raymond – Board Member

Sandra Eller  – Board Member

Patrick (Pat) Rogers – Board Member

Rex Mundt – Board Member

James Okwaramoi – Board Member

Karen Fleming – Board Member

Dave Kouri – Board Member